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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Anology to your quote:

I am a clothing boutique owner. I will make $100.00 from selling those pants. Nevermind the other five sets of pants that I also make $100.00 from selling.

You keep six children (at least). That would total about $10.50 an hour. There are many people who make this kind of money and NEVER GET PAID VACATIONS. I agree with what someone said earlier.... If you want these extended paid vacations, sick time, or holidays you should go back to school. Pay for a few school loans. And, get a teaching degree. Problem solved. You're still around children...taking care of children...and you have all your paid vacations!!
Some of us do have teaching degrees, with honors, and are paying back student loans.
However, I chose to work with younger kids as those first 3-5 years will make much more impact on their life than if I were to work at a school.
My clients appreciate my educational background and the high quality care their kiddos receive and therefore have no problem paying me 10 days per year.
Many providers even without degrees still provide great care and deserve time off to recharge to be able to take care of 'your most valuable possession.'
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