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Hi, Heidi,

I just found your post, misfiled under another post--glad I spotted it! I'll cut and paste it here, since I don't know how to fix that:

"Nothing Without Joy:

Oh...I have SOOO many questions. I was going to PM you, but since there is interest, I'll ask here.

My first question, is I noticed that you had several rooms that you use. Are the children free to roam around, or do you keep them together as a group?

I see that your daughter is a 1-year old. Is she an exception to your program, or do you typically have such little ones? How do you keep her safe in your program with glue guns and tiny pieces available?

How do you keep your studio and home beautiful? I am trying to figure out just how I could offer paint, clay, and tiny pieces of things here and not have it everywhere. I would love to do it...

Do you have any "toys"? Maybe I missed it. You said no "playroom", but do you have a selection of blocks, dressup toys, etc?

Where can one get Reggio training? There is a center in Madison that uses the approach, and I think they are offering a training in April. I'm just trying to figure out how to apply a center approach, with everyone the same age in a classroom, to a mixed age group.... "

Then I'm going to reply separately, so I can quote it properly.
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