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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
First of all, as a self-employed person you are NOT ENTITLED to paid holidays, vacation and sick days, and I think its greedy to think you do. It is immoral. Private schooling is by no means the same type of "service" you are paying for an education, and at most schools if you have a weather emergency or any other unplanned emergency the day is made up at the end of the year. That's like saying if the teacher calls in sick the parents have to pay the teacher her sick day and pay the substitute for the day. The parents don't the company (the school) does. With that being said, you are running a small company, you are the CEO, you are responsible for paying yourself that sick and vacation time...I hope that make sense.

I'm so sick of seeing people complain about paying for groceries and utilities they use for their business. I also have expenses, like a reliable vehicle, vehicle upkeep, gas, business attire..I don't expect my company to pay for those expenses because its part of the job.
It boils down to this, if you don't agree with a daycare provider getting paid time off, find one who doesn't take any.

I have 12 families who are happy to give me paid time off since they feel I deserve it, and should be able to take the time off without having to worry about finances. I don't take an excessive amount of time off, and when compared to the average working person, I will still total many many hours more in a year. My parents know how hard I work, and feel that they would rather have a happy, semi-rested provider.

I work at bare minimum 55 hours a week, which is 2860 hours a year. I take 10 paid holidays a year, and 5 paid vacation days. Amounting to a whopping 15 days off per year. Once you subtract those days out, that is 2695 hours a year - which is still 51 hours a week. So 10 hours more a week than most working adults, A FULL EXTRA WORK DAY EACH WEEK. Yes, I am the CEO and yes, I choose to do this for a living. But I would hope you see how much more time I am spending working that the average full-time worker. And how some would argue that we deserve a little time off while being paid.
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