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Blackcat31 10:34 AM 04-29-2012
I've never been preganant while doing child care so I cannot answer that part, but for maternity leave for current families: what I do is, if the infant space is immediately open and available, they get 1 week for free where I will save the space.
The second week is given at half rate and anything after that is full pay to hold the space.

This ONLY applies to families I already have in care and to the infant space only.

The older children (or siblings) get the first week of absence at half rate so they can bond with sib too but no more than that, any other absences or drop in attendance requires full pay or they lose their space.

New infants coming in must pay for the space whether they use it or not as soon as it is available. Infant spaces in my area can have waiting lists up to a year so they are hard to find so people are more than willing to pay.