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TomCopeland 11:46 AM 01-14-2013
Originally Posted by Abigail:
I have measured with a measuring tape all of the rooms in the house for fire regulations. I did not include hallway, steps, or the furnace closet or the few tiny closets. Do I include the tiny closets as part of the percent? We have a bi-level home but the upstairs I measure most accurately because I counted all the closet space except the hallway which is maybe 6 additonal square feet at 911. The lower level I only came up with 804, but didn't add the 2 bedroom closet measurement which would be about 6 for the small and 10 for the big. I also didn't measure the crawl space (space under the entry) which is shared space where I store daycare items as well as personal. I would estimate that square footage would be 45 since it's the same size as the foyer itself.

So I have a three-stall garage all shared space with outdoor toys and a freezer used mostly for daycare bulk meals too. Do I need to go measure my garage and count that as house space?

I did a rough space percent with what I have now before adding anything from above (closets, crawl space, garage) and my excluse space is 678 and my shared space is 1037 and total space is 1715. If my time percent is .40 (have not figured it yet) then my time/space is 64% but I thought it would be higher because everyroom in my lower level is all daycare except the laundry room which is the entrance, but we use our washer/dryer. I have something in every room to claim everything to be shared.
Count hallways, and furnace space and the garage as part of the total square feet of your home. Steps are space within your space, so they don't count. Count closet space as part of the room it is in. Count the crawl space as storage space.

Using your above numbers, here's your time-space %.
Square footage of exclusive use space: 678 divided by total square feet in home (1,715) = 39.5%
Regular use space divided by total space: 1,037/1,715 = 60.4%
60.4% x 40% time = 24.1%
Add exclusive use percent to regular use % = 39.5% + 24.1% = 63.6% time-space %

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