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jsloayza 11:58 AM 02-24-2013
I just started working as an assistant teacher at a daycare center. I like the job a lot and the kids are all adorable. But we have one in our youngest group of two year olds who physically is bigger than the other ones and is very aggressive. I don't want to keep having to isolate him from the group but he is too physical and can hurts the other children. We try every day to include him then he kicks, punches slaps, head butts or pushes anyone who is within reach for no apparent reason. He can't sit still for more then two minutes and doesn't listen to directions well. I don't think there has been one day so far without an incident with him hitting someone and once a parent saw it and was floored because he was tackling a little girl. He is always smiling, very cute and likes puzzles. I play with him fine just the two of us and if another child wants to join it can go fine but not for long. What can I do to help? The other children are afraid and leave centers when he enters, refuse to sit near him and one boy will hold on to any teacher the whole day until the bully leaves. We do tell the parents he had an incident hitting so and so but they are not really being honest how severe it gets. They say they can't tell the parents too many bad things because that can reflect bad on the center and our care.