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cheerfuldom 03:02 PM 02-24-2013
No not tell the parents directly. Have a sit down conversation with your director/supervisor and the other teachers that work with this child. Be specific about what you are seeing with his behavior and ask the director what the daycare policies are about discussing with the parents and addressing the behavior. It sounds like the director is more interested in keeping the income than about supporting her teachers (and certainly not interested in terming problem children). You need to do your job and part of that is abiding by the daycare policies. If the director tells you to just deal with it to keep this boy attending than now you know how this daycare works. Either you can work with this environment or you cant.

If you go to the parents directly, it is very likely that your job will be in jeopardy for not going thru the proper channels.

and FYI, not every autistic kid is aggressive, in fact, many are not. There are many reasons why a kid is aggressive around other children. If you are untrained to diagnose and you start spouting out words like autistic, you will be in trouble fast with the parents and the director!