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stephisme 09:59 AM 05-29-2013
I had a very bad speech problem as a child and began speech therapy in pre-k. I would become very frustrated when teachers would not understand me, plus I was in catholic schools and the nuns were not the most understanding... I remember specifically a time I was trying to say something about walking, but I had issues with the L sound. My first grade teacher (nun) got very frustrated and yelled at me to talk right. My speech problems for the most part cleared up around 4th-5th grade, but when I was anxious I would have speech issues again.

One thing that really worked with me was watching the news, with how the news anchors moved their lips when they talked. We recorded a few episodes and I would spend some time trying to copy them (speech therapist idea). Of course, the guy I liked most had a mustash so it didn't look like he was moving his lips

In regards as to what causes stuttering, their is really many reasons. It could be genetics or neurological issues. Sometimes it is just a developmental thing that kids outgrow, but at her age this does not seem to be the case.

What I have been learning in school about speech problems and stuttering is pretty much what has been mentioned hear already. When you talk, pause before talking and that talk slowly with pronounced lip movements. Avoid asking too many direct questions because she has a better chance of talking correctly when she is expressing her own thoughts. Also ensure that you look like you are paying complete attention to what she is saying.

This might be helpful, it is meant for parents, but some of the tips you can use as well.

Also, the singing idea is a really good idea and might prove beneficial, as long as the child is comfortable singing.

Good Luck!