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racemom 04:15 PM 06-08-2014
Originally Posted by Laurel:

I just found this and signed up for me and my grandchildren.

If your bowling alley participates (ours does), your children can bowl two free games a day. You have the option (not required) to pay $24.95 and add up to 4 adults (who have to bowl with the kids) for just the summer. Actually it runs till Oct. 31 at our lanes.

BUT, it is NOT for daycare as a group. The reason I am putting it up is because parents and grandparents or whoever takes the kids can either just let the kids bowl for free or join them for a one time fee of $24.95.

That is a real deal here. An adult doesn't have to bowl with them and then it would be completely free (except if you wanted to rent shoes) but for $24.95 I can bowl two games a day for months if I want to.

Just found this by accident while looking for something to do with my grandchildren over the summer.

Oh and you can just print out the coupons online each week. It has my alley's name on it.

Thanks for the info! I passed the website onto my niece they don't have money to do alot in summer and this is a great opportunity for her kids to do something!