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Christina72684 11:09 AM 07-25-2014
In my town there are only 4 daycares (I think) within a 10 minute radius. There are tons more 15-20 minutes away, but for those that want to stay local there aren't many options, especially for school-agers who ride the bus. Anyway, a girl that was 4-5 years younger than me in high school (I'm 30) opened up her own daycare last year (her mom owned one when I was little but then retired I don't know when). Of course I hate competition lol and have only spoken to her a couple of times on FB, usually asking her or her asking us about openings.

Well through the rumor mill (aka the hair salon) we found out her daycare is being sued for several reasons:
-4 month old twins were left in their car seats all day long (other parents came and gone during the day said they were still in them)
-3 month old was left on a counter (not sure if in a car seat or what)
-they change diapers on the same counter that they prep food
-some friends of hers posted pictures on FB in her basement (not where the daycare was being held, but still) smoking pot (not legal here!)
-she would leave 16 year old girls in charge when she wasn't there

Now I don't want any children to ever be harmed, and I'm glad none of them did, but she comes from a large family in the area who thinks they're better than everyone and I'm kind of glad she got caught for all this. I mean come on, your mom had a daycare for YEARS.....did she do this crap too? I'm always worried about things at mine, like we had a biter and I didn't want to lose families over it, or if two toddlers fight over a toy and parents walk in when they're crying what do they think of us. But never have we or will we have any issues like that! Makes me feel a little better about the good job we're doing here.....hope that doesn't sound wrong!