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Unregistered 12:04 PM 08-17-2008
Originally Posted by LuckyOnes:
When a daycare says that they are a four star daycare, what exactly does this mean? I checked out a home daycare that she said was a four star daycare yet her home was filthy. She had none of the safety requirements met like a child could easily walk to her door, turn the knob, and walk out. The plug sockets weren't plugged with those plastic things. Her home had holes in the walls, dirty shoes (multiple pair) sitting by the door and a child sitting on a dirty carpet that wasn't swept or shampooed. The other ones I called had random people that weren't parents hanging out at their house. They weren't professional at all when answering the phone and they didn't want to answer any of my questions. All of them acted as though I was bothering them. None of the ones I checked out offered to take me around and show me the facility. I am so disappointed with my search and these are the only daycares that offer second shift. I found one good one out of 30 but she only does full-time and charges about the same as daycare centers (208.00 a week). We just can't afford that price. I am curious to know what experience you all have found when looking for in home daycares or enrolling your child in one.
I'm sorry you had to go through that. And this is one of the reasons I got back into daycare. There are alot of daycare providers out there that just don't know what they are doing! I suggest that you do lots of homework on the provider you check, references, talk to the present parents etc... I encourage all my new clients to do this and my past should speak for itself. and if they will not provide you with the things you ask turn around and run!!!