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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
This is an ignorant statement. Of course it's less than minimum wage. Why would you even be working if your just giving exactly what you make directly to someone else, only you pay taxes on the money, and gas etc. so your actually in the red. They watch more than one child at a time Thad where the profit is.
Darlin' after I paid my taxes, food, extra utilities, gas to buy supplies, etc I made just 2,792 last year... I had 4,000 in medical bills & 10,000 alone in the last 2 months due to pneumonia for this year & I don't have medical insurance because TN didn't expand Obama care... I am so negative already I'm about to file bankruptcy, I'm probably more in the red than if I worked a minimum wage job... at least then I wouldn't be paying 15% taxes instead of just the employees share ( BTW, I'm a single with no spouse covering other costs... my income is the only one); not every provider has 6-10 kids... I'm allowed 4 at most because I do infants only
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