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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
To me if you take in the fact that we gotta find another person to watch our child or children to me itís unreasonable. I feel like mandatory Hollidayís like Christmas NewYears Thanksgiving July4th etc are time my problem is taking up to 5 days off around theses days and still getting paid. Or when you have a family emergency and canít work you still get paid thatís bull. Everyone deserves vacation time just be reasonable.
What one person considers reasonable is debatable so like itís been said 100Xís already the answer to this dilemma is to find a provider or child care solution that works for YOU.

There are so many options out there and so many providers that charge/donít charge for vacations, closed days and off time that itís unreasonable for you to think that everyone should have the same policies or have policies that work for only you.

The reasonable thing to do would be to find a provider or a care solution that fits YOUR needs.
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