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Unregistered 07:52 AM 07-15-2015
What would you do? I have had a daycare child since he was 7 months old. Ive been telling myself over and over that he will grow out of his aggressive, disruptive behavior but he is almost three now and still hasnt. He throws tantrums, doesnt listen, hits, screams, refuses to take a time out, doesnt nap, throws his food on the floor and is very impatient while Im trying to teach preschool. The parents are great. They always pick up on time, pay on time, and have become friends as well. Im at a lost of what to do. My brain is telling me to term because he makes me hate my job. He's only here four days a week and on the day he isnt here, the day runs smoothly and there are hardly any time outs given out. I feel like Ive put so much effort into him and as soon as he leaves, he would "grow out of it". Ive exhausted all my ideas and resources to try and fix the behavior at this point. I feel like I would be giving up on him if I termed, but I really dont know what to do anymore!