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Default Bags and Bags and More Bags

I do not allow diaper bags but this year I do not have room to store dck winter gear all week long. So now DCF is sending the stuff daily in a reusable bag. I am annoyed with the bag and would like to find a way around having the bag in my house but I just do not have space.

The space in my built-in closet that I used to use I now use for my own child.

I do not have a covered porch, so leaving it outside is not an option.

Most of the kids come every other day, so their things are in the way on the opposite day.

The entryway has ppe crap in it, so that takes up space.

Plus the nonpuffy coat rule for car seats, so the kids come with a car coat and play coat. The one dcd will put the puffy coat on them before sending them in with the bag of winter gear but the dcm will carry the puffy coat in a bag and send them in with the car coat.

Last year the bus came 30 minutes earlier than this year so everyone that came before the bus came dressed ready to go outside. This year, we have more time between drop off and bus so we have time to get ready.

Any suggestions or should I just suck it up and deal with the bags for the winter?
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