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Default Licensed vs Unlicensed Daycare

It is a no-brainer, folks. The laws are the laws. If your STATE requires that a home daycare be licensed if they are watching a certain number of kids, then they should be licensed. For those following the law as listed in posts here, hopefully, if you fall within the guidelines of having children over the minimum, then you will follow those guidelines and get licensed. I can't understand all the bickering back and forth about people minding their own busines, etc. My babysitter is not licensed. She should be because she has over the state limit. I've asked her if she was going to get licensed and she always said maybe. But she doesn't and refuses to giver her SS# so parents can claim taxes on their daycare costs. Now I pay taxes on my income but what, home babysitters are above the law and shouldn't have to? That is ridiculous. Instead, the babysitter is USING the system and having her kids on state medical insurance because she claims no income and her husbands income is used as the only income for a very large household. She is able to buy all new furniture, add a room, and remodel her kitchen all while I incur 1) hospital costs for a 3 day stay in the hospital for my child who got pneumonia from a baby in her care who had pneumonia 2) urgent care bills for a slammed finger in a door and 3) now that I qualify for child care assistance through the state cannot use it with her because she doesn't want to draw any attention to her predictament and take the chance of having to pay taxes on anything. Falling on deaf ears, maybe but people like me end up over-paying because of situations like this.. and YES before getting bombarded, I am looking for new daycare.
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