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My son is in preschool (3.5 years old) at a large, top-tier, NAEYC accredited school. He has been bitten twice in just 3 months by the same child. The most recent bite was deep enough to draw blood. This child has bitten other students. The daycare has done things such as suspend him for day, had someone shadow him, etc. It hasn't helped as this is obviously an ongoing issue. Additionally, the child is special needs with what I believe is a moderate case of autism. He's not verbal at 3.5 years old which is part of the problem, he disrupts the class with temper outbursts and a whole bunch of other issues. I think he needs to be put into a school that specializes in students with autism so that he can get the attention and care he deserves, but that's my own, non-professional opinion. The problem is that my son's daycare is hesitant to expel the student even though there is a three-strikes-you're-out policy. They're more lenient with this student because of his special needs. As the parent of child who's been bitten by this child not once but twice, I find this to be alarming. I worry that this child could seriously injure another child during one of his violent temper tantrums. Short of pulling my son from this school, what can I do?
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