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I understand that children bite, and I am sympathetic to the parents of children who bite. But if the child repeatedly bites other children, breaking the skin and causing bruising, the child needs to be removed from daycare until such time as s/he works through that behavior. I'm not saying s/he is a bad kid, or that the parents are doing anything wrong. But at the same time other children are being hurt, and that cannot just be glossed over.

It must be nice to live in a world that's so black-and-white that the answer is to just pull the kid out of daycare until they outgrow the (not abnormal) developmental biting stage. But since I live in the real world I'll tell you how it really works.

My kid bites. It started about 4 months ago when he bit twice in two days. We addressed the issue at home and it stopped. Until yesterday when he bit three times. I suspect teething is the issue since both biting spells correlated with teeth coming in. The teachers tell me that he's not being aggressive or frusterated, and that some of it seems to be misplaced affection or "just gnawing".

I get that biting is not acceptable and we're working on it. However, if my child is termed then I have no choice except to put him in another facility. Someone staying home with him is not an option. Both my husband and I have to work. We kinda need to have a place to live and, ya know, eat. I have researched a private nanny, but that's still something that's way out of our price range. It's literally 3X the $ to pay a private nanny than it is to put him in a facility and that's not even counting the taxes you have to pay a nanny. I can't spend money I don't have. That's simple economics. So, please, tell me just what the hell I'm supposed to do?
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