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Being termed can be in your kids best interest. It is not always punitive. Sometimes moving him to a new place will solve the problem. No worries. Look for one with more space, fewer kids and a calming environment.

Are the kids crowded in so close that they will be more prone to getting frustrated?

Are they kids allowed to wander away from the group for a bit of individual play if they feel overwhelmed?

Are kids forced to participate in activities?

Look for the triggers in your own child, then find a placement that suits his individual needs. It makes such a huge difference. Look at a term as a gift. It really can be.
It's been a little more crowded that usual lately. There are never more than 9 kids to a room with two teachers.

Like I said earlier, I suspect that the trigger is teething. His doctor confirmed last week that he's got at least two teeth coming in right now. He's a slow teether, so who knows how long it will take to fully come in though. He's been more mouthy with his toys lately and has even been chewing on teething rings (which he typically hates). I gave him a dose of Tylenol before dropping him off this morning to help maybe alleviate pain to see if that would help.
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