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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
15 1/2 months.
At his age parallel play is his preferred method. Sharing toys with friends, in close unsupervised proximity, is not an expected skill, not quite yet. He won't want kids touching, grabbing or pulling him. Biting is a normal response to that being allowed to happen to him.

I don't think anyone really see's that as your toddler being a "biter". He is protecting his space the only way he knows how right now. Really the only known solution, at this age, is actively protecting him from other kids and them from him. Your provider should know that, though.

IMHO, Unless he is opportunistically going over to other kids and actively biting them without provocation, you probably don't have an issue other than divided adult supervision.

A "biter", generally, is a kid who should know better and is doing it purposely and repetitively.
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