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What I see are adult issues. The documentation is to the adults benefit, be wary of that. It sounds like they have made the decision. Have you started looking for other care?

He is 15 months, not 20-24 months... there is a big difference there. I know it does not seem like it should be, but it is. Big. Is he still in an infant room or a wobbler room?

Truth: He should not be in a place where he cannot be directly supervised with "friends". Not yet. One in the tunnel at a time. He should not have that easy access to his "friends" while working on a biting issue either. Not quite yet. His place should have been right next to the adult well out of reach.

The simple truth is toddlers can't have "friends". Not yet. They enjoy watching and learning from one another, but don't have the ability to understand that what hurts them hurts others. They just don't. Not yet. It is the adults responsibility to protect them from one another by preventing the opportunities for it.

I am not going to be popular today...

We have been looking for other care. Mainly due to other issues. Like last week he got into an ant bed on the playground. Had 20+ bites on one hand. The reason I haven't pulled him yet is lack of quality centers. There are very few options around here. And even fewer that open early enough for me to get to work at 0600. This center is actually part of the installation I work for so they open early in order to accomodate those of us who have early tours.

He's still in an infant room. He's supposed to move up in December. I say supposed to because right now the center combined the two toddler rooms into one and turned the second room into a nursing lounge. Well, now the toddler room is full and there are at least 6 kids who will be ready to move up between now and Christmas. The last plan I heard was to redistribute the two infant rooms into one room of true infants and another that's pre-toddler.
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