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Biting is perfectly normal at daycare and it comes and goes. Just because there had been streaks of biting doesn't mean that it's a bad daycare or the teachers weren't watching. And parents who think their kids can do no wrong need a reality check. We had 4 kids in our toddler room biting one child, who provoked each bite by pushing and taking toys away. His parents complained and threatened, and finally left... miraculously all biting stopped! Yes there are now some biting incidents here and there, but nothing like with that child. Sometimes a change of environment stops the biting. We have some kids who got kicked out from other centers for biting but have not had one biting incident with us. So if you're parents of a child who keeps getting bitten, either be patient and wait it out or just find a different daycare. No need to make a fuss and play the blame game with teachers or biters.
You are an idiot. And obviously you don not have a baby of your own or don't have another child biting yours. If your child would come home with bite marks on his/her face and hands and back you would make "a fuss" (or maybe You wouldn't give a s*t). It can be hard to find a different daycare close to the place you live/work. So biters should be "shadowed" and their "victims" should be moved to a different group. If in school your child is getting beat up every day, you gonna just say its "perfectly normal"? Or take actions, like get principal involved, get parents involved. Every problem adults have come from those tender years and then you spend a lifetime trying to understand why you are f"cked up, meanwhile you were abused at a tender age by some biter that none cared to stop. And yes, I know the troll who wrote the quoted statement is just as mentioned an idiot. Still biting is an issue and has to be addressed, not ignored/dismissed like most of the time ****ty caregivers who just want to get a paycheck do with ease.
Yes, I am upset.
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