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Originally Posted by SugareeDCM View Post
Here's where you're wrong. I do have a child who is being bitten by another. But I can't get too mad about it because in the past it was my child doing the biting. I came here to update our situation and saw this and just had to say that your view is clouded by the fact that your child hasn't been the biter...yet. It happens. It's not developmentally abnormal unless you're talking about a 5+ year old.

Anyway, I'm the poster who's son goes through streaks of biting. Nothing and then 2 or three in a few days then nothing again for months. I was unable to find another center that worked with my work schedule, but the center he was at moved him into a "pre-toddler" room and it has been like night and day. Instead of having 6 kids ranging from 6 weeks to 17 months they have 5 kids ranging from 12-20 months. One of the first things the new teacher told me was that she wasn't going to call me for stupid stuff (i.e. diaper rash, phantom fevers, etc). Sure enough, the only call I've gotten has been when he was actually sick (BTW: has anyone ever had a kid come down with HFM without ever running a fever? It happened to us.) He's doing great except that now he's the one being bitten. Twice in a month. I'm secretly hoping that this will teach him that biting other people hurts and not to do it. Yeah, I probably suck as a mom in that regard. So right now, we're doing good. Hopefully, this trend will continue.
Glad he is doing better! Yes I have had a kid get HFM without a fever, a friend's child.

No, it doesn't make you a bad mom. LOL! Although he is probably not making the connection.
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