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Default How to handle?

My wife and I are the parents of a two year old boy and almost 4 year old girl in the same daycare. My daughter has made it to Preschool without being bitten. My son has been bitten by the same boy, a friend of his no less, 8 times now between the young todds room, toddler room, and first early preschool room. He's never had any major damage done, but it is frustrating nonetheless. We try to be pragmatic about it and we KNOW it is a communication thing...our boy speaks in sentences and the other boy barely utters any words at all. But 8 times over about the last 14 months? I'm just trying to measure an appropriate level of discontent over the situation. I get it's part of developing, but can't the kid chew on another child for once? To make it more complicated, the offender also lives directly across the street from us. The parents apologized about the first 4 or 5 times... They are nice, intelligent people and I know they are frustrated too, and we don't want to create a worse situation for them. Where would your cutoff be between being pragmatic and straight sick and tired of it?
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