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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
I am not hired by anyone.

Parents buy the services I offer but I am not hired help.

Stop trying to make excuses as to why parents can't parent. If their child is spending an entire day with a child care provider and only getting 2 hours of face time a day with their child, I think someone should be re-thinking their priorities.

Doing this for the paycheck? Damn right I am!

Why do you think I should put my love and concern about a child above my want/need for a paycheck when you obviously aren't holding parents to the same concept?

Stop thinking its a providers job to parent.

Provider = provides care and supervision to a child when parents are at work.

Parent = responsible for the behavior, the morals and the overall health and condition (physically, emotionally and mentally) of the child.

Nope, I don't see "parenting" in any part of my job description.

It's MY job to do what is best for ALL children in my GROUP care program. If one is a biter and poses a continuous threat or risk to the other children, then the biter goes.

If that doesn't work for the parent, they can HIRE a nanny.

Nannies work FOR parents.
what she said. This is an old thread but a really good read
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