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Default Biting

I work in a center and I do the absolute best that I can. No matter how much you watch the kids they still get bitten. They are so quick! Shadowing is almost impossible. Having 10 kids to 2 teachers is extremely hard. Not an easy job. It's frustrating for the teachers as well. Especially when you have exhausted all other options. Biting is normal but when a child bites everyday, continuously throughout the day I don't find it to be ok. I can understand if it's now and then. I feel that there should be a policy for these things after exhausting all other options. I know as a parent I would not like it if my child came home with bite marks everyday with more than 1 bite a day. I also do not like the ratio. I feel 2:10 is too overwhelming for teachers and the kids as well. It should be 2:8. Trying to watch that many kids plus all the paperwork and activities that we are supposed to do is very difficult. It is NOT by far an easy job. Parents are stressed with just their 1 toddler. Imagine trying to deal with 10!!!
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