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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I cannot believe you would say this about a child. There is a reason I am reading this thread as a parent of a biter, it's because I desperately want to find a solution. My son is 17m old and just started at a new daycare. He is the sweetest, silliest little boy but has bitten three times in his first two days. Alll have been in response to a child taking a toy from him. I am in no way justifying his actions though. If he continues to have a problem and moving him to a new school is best for all involved, I am all for it. I do know, however, that biting is very common in this stage and when children's little brains are being exposed to so many new things st once it can be stressful. This is not a behavior that is curbed overnight and I applaud all parents and teachers who work to fix these issues daily. My son has also been Britten several times. Although I was not happy about it, I am a KIND person and understand. There is nothing I have done or any otger parent of a biter has done that has caused their child to act this way. Children, just as adults, process stress in different ways. You obviously are not one who practices patience and compassion in your everyday life so who are you to judge a small child facing these feelings head on for the first time? If the shoe was on the other foot I know I would be concerned for my child but I would certainly handle it with more grace than you
It's always good to keep in mind that biting can be an emotional experience for all involved- both children, both sets of parents and the caregiver.
I understand you feel defensive about the post you quoted. That's natural and you do have valid points.
I also understand the poster whose child was bitten. To me, that post was full of frustration and emotion, just as yours was (although stated in a much different tone).

From a caregiver's standpoint, we do understand both sides and it's never easy for either party. We understand it can be an age-appropriate response to the child's surroundings and developing mind (to a degree).
We (as caregivers) are often on the receiving end of this kind of frustration from the family of the bitten child, and we know how frustrating it can be when parents don't understand that it can be quite common among young children.
As parents ourselves, we also understand that biting can be excruciatingly painful and nobody should be subjected to it on an ongoing basis.
I wish you luck on finding a solution that works for your child, I really do.
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