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So the teacher told your almost 3 yr old son to "lay down". So what. Maybe he should start listening. If you believe that he is old enough to "tell" you these things and that they are true, then he should be "old enough" to listen and follow simple directions. Just because your son said she yelled, doesn't necessarily mean she did. Did you or another adult hear it?

Why is it that parents feel the need to coddle their childen, can't you all see this is why the young children of today are nothing but brats and disrespectful children. I see it over and over in my daily daycare days, and everytime I am in a public setting....disrectful kids and brats. Parents need to take charge of their children and teach them to behave, be respectful, listening skills, etc. In the past years, since parents have this attitute that you can't "discipline" your children because it may make them feel bad, or whatever crazy reason they come up with, the children of today are turning out horribly.

There is probably a lot more to the story than your almost 3 yr old told, let the director handle it.
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