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Hunni Bee 06:31 PM 03-01-2012
I have a 3 year old DCG who is currently going through a "cry over everything" phase. If she's not first, if she can't get a toy she wants, if her turn with something is over, if she's corrected, anything.

Today, she purposely whacked a wooden maraca on the table so hard it cracked like an egg. We've been over how to use the maracas. I made her come sit by me (not in time out, just within arm's reach). She bellowed the entire time, so I took her to the crying spot and told her when she's done she can come on back.

She stood in the crying spot a good 10 minutes screaming "Ms. ______, I'm finished crying!!!" but by the time she'd get to the "-ing" she was back in full wail. Then when she finally got herself together enough to leave the crying spot, she spent another 10 minutes crying under her breath!

I don't have too many criers, but for any other kid who genuinely needs a good cry, they stay in the crying spot for about 2 minutes, get a tissue and move on. She needs the crying spot at least every hour and it seems she'd rather cry so everyone can see/hear her.

Her mom knows and is supportive, but honestly, any issue I come to her with starts a 30 minute stressed-out monologue. I love that she is with me on this, but I can tell she doesn't really know and I don't want to keep stressing her out.

If anybody remembers my posts, this is the Insufferable Tattletale and the Nap Terror (has nap terrors, not is a terror ). So I have my hands full, and I'll try anything.