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Hunni Bee 08:12 PM 03-02-2012
Thanks ladies for your replies.

I agree, she does get a payoff of attention sometimes for these episodes, also with the tattling and the crying at naptime. So I remove it as much as possible.

But I don't like how it disrupts everyone else while she does this. If I leave her in the crying spot until she calms down, she just screams from there. I've had several "career screamers" over the years and I haven't figured out how stop the crying.

And she's far from new. She's been in the daycare since she was one and in my room for at least six months. This has just started in the past couple months, but when she was a toddler, she did a lot of biting, hitting, etc.

It sounds like I'm on the right track, though. All suggestions are welcome.