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TomCopeland 12:19 PM 12-24-2012
Originally Posted by Abigail:
I have a great contract for all families when they initially sign up. Now that it's been a year I changed the wording for my NSF checks since I know how my bank handles it now. I've also eliminated the prepaid 2 weeks to a registration fee. Now with this it's just a $50 per child one-time registration fee which is non-refundable. My issue is I've handed out the contracts again to parents to sign before January and I have the same statement in it. They're not required to pay it because it was initially when they signed up.

The same goes for the ending services that the first two weeks of care is a trial period and they are allowed to end the contract with no strings attached within the first two weeks from the date the contract was signed. Since they've attended my care for most of the year if they are getting new contracts to start 2013 so technically I'm giving them a "loop hole" where they literally could get up and walk tomorrow and I'm out. Not that I'm expecting everyone to do this, but it could happen.

How can I re-word it so I can keep the same contract for new families, but also existing families to fix this for next year when they will sign again?

I also use wording for the first day of care will be............... should I have that changed to "The first day of care for this contract will be............" to that it covers any previous contract start dates or does it not matter? I don't want to look back and think every child started in my care the same week everyone did their renewal contracts.
I'd use the language, "The first day of care for this contract will be....."
You can have different contracts for each parent, so you just change your language for the old families. So, for old families, your contract would not contain the language that they can end the contract without penalty within the first two weeks after the contract was signed. Just say that parents must give a two week notice, period.