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TomCopeland 10:24 AM 12-26-2012
Originally Posted by Abigail:
Isn't their an easier way so I can just have one contract per family whether they're re-signing or just signing up? I have some blanks on my contracts for parents to fill in annually so it's easy for me to keep wording the same since I hand-write in the rate and schedule and the parents write in their basic information.

Can I add language to the start of the trial period stating that the trial period is only for first-time enrollments and does not apply for those who have previously attended "daycare name" or something?

Then again, I do have a one-time registration fee and that wording would also need to be the same that it's only required for those who have NOT previously attended. Maybe I should create a first-time contract and then a renewal contract like you said stating a 2 week notice is required and then just omit the registration fee? IF I do this route, then wouldn't I have to have it in writing somewhere that back at the first contract that the non-refundable registration fee was paid or does it not matter since it's non refunable anyways?
Yes, you can certainly add a phrase saying that the trial period is for first-time enrollments only. It sounds like my idea of separate contracts for each parent makes the most sense. Since your first contract stated that the registration fee was a one-time, nonrefundable fee, you don't need to put this in the new contract with these parents.