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TomCopeland 11:30 AM 12-27-2012
Originally Posted by Abigail:
So I should technically have two contracts. One with everything like I have for FIRST TIME signing and then each year when I update they will get a shorter "renewal" contract that doesn't say anything about a registrating fee and I also will have to remove the paragraph about the trial period just keeping it that two weeks is required for parents, but not the provider.

Would I give the renewal contract a title like "Daycare Name Renewal Contract" or is their a better way to state that? This makes a lot of sense to do just 2 contracts. I'm also going to start separate contracts per child. I did for one family because I know the parents were not the same so pickup and emergency and living information was going to be different so at least I got that step right! It's definitely easier looking at each child's file instead of sibling's files too.
Yes, do 2 contracts. You don't need any special language for a contract that is being renewed. If the parents are resigning the new contract, just call it your "contract."