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daycarediva 11:17 AM 01-13-2014
I'm tired of it, too. I also work with older kids, I have never had this tough of a group and I don't think it's normal at all! (I have 6 3yos, 1 2yo, 1 4yo) only 6 at a time, though. My 3yo's are NOT easy, either. None have sibs, so there is no sharing of anything, toys or adults at home so Mondays are always a rough transition back. My 2yo has three adults that cater to her every whim at home and literally carry her everywhere and do everything for her. She is never allowed to whimper, and Mondays she is always my shadow because she is not the happiest kid at being put on the floor with toys and not allowed to push everyone.

My 4yo is a dream though. Just love her, and that's usually a not so great age for 4yo girls.