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Heidi 01:05 PM 01-13-2014
Originally Posted by cheerfuldom:
the good news is that two of my daycare kids have finally taken a turn for the better. One of my toddlers was a screamer and came back from Christmas break like a whole new kid! I think those weeks off (parents are teachers) forced mom and dad to do a little homework they had been putting off My other toddler was not playing with anything, ever. Would just wander around and never engage in any activities. came back a whole new kid! playing and happy as can be.

now I am transitioning in a new toddler that has been crying a lot and scratching the other kids, hard! she waits till I am distracted and then goes for someone I am just really tired of working on these things with kids. yes I know that is part of the job but I finally got the rest of my group in good shape and I dont know if the extra money is worth it to keep one more child. I am hoping for some progress by the end of the week.
Maybe a pair of long socks up the her elbows, under her shirt sleeves, will curb the scratching. Yes, it'll limit her play a little, but it's just supposed to be long enough for her to find another hobby. Of course, she might decide biting works, too, then. So, it's a crap-shoot if you want to try it.