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cheerfuldom 03:04 PM 01-13-2014
Originally Posted by Heidi:
Maybe a pair of long socks up the her elbows, under her shirt sleeves, will curb the scratching. Yes, it'll limit her play a little, but it's just supposed to be long enough for her to find another hobby. Of course, she might decide biting works, too, then. So, it's a crap-shoot if you want to try it.
I have never had a kid scratching like this before. its almost like she starts out with grabbing, then pinching/twisting and then finishes it off with a big hard scratch. I have her right now sitting next to me and she is reaching over to scratch on furniture....weird. the worst part is that she is honestly really really cute and you would never suspect her, ha ha. darling petite girl that is sneaky....and definitely smart!