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nannyde 06:17 PM 08-31-2016

I've been shut down for about 2.5 years (after doing 21 years) while my kid is doing high school in Podunkia Iowa.

I took over a year off and wrote books. Then I started job hunting and found out pretty quickly I absolutely HATE working for other people. Actually HATE isn't a strong enough word.... I wish I could fabricate a word that would express my disdain for being an employee... I'm not that clever.

Tax implications suck too.

I now pay about 38 percent of my income in taxes/social security and medical savings account between my consulting business, book revenue, expert witness work, and a public health nursing job which gives me free health insurance.

I have made WAY more money doing daycare as far as take home getta keep money than I do now. I am paying a crap ton more into social security than I did doing daycare and that will help me when and if the day comes to draw it.

Did I mention how much I loathe working for other people? I have the world's nicest, sweetest, caring awesome boss and it still doesn't work for me. It's been an adjustment that will never square up.

If you can be an employee without hating it.. and it works for you financially... go for it.