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learninghomw123 06:38 PM 03-29-2018
Hi my name is Kimberly Anthony. I have been running an in-home daycare for 21 years.
I started my daycare when my daughter was 11 months old so I could stay home with her. I love my job. I have always loved children and they are a joy to work with.
I have a contract each and every client signs. In the contract it states that the client will provide me with a weekly schedule. They can provide that schedule by text, writing it on my calendar and or a piece of paper
I have this one client that refused to provide me with a schedule of her drop off and pick up times. I continued to ask her verbally and through text to do so. I finally had enough and I gave her a two week notice of termination in writing.
She became very upset with me and accuse me of being stressed out and said she was worried about her child being in my care.
I then told her because she was concerned about her child in my care that today would be her last day.
Now she is threatening to take me to court because I refuse to follow through with the two week notice I gave her.
Is this something that she has a legal right to do?
I do not feel comfortable caring for a child when the parent is concerned for the safety of their child while in my care.