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daycarediva 10:07 AM 10-28-2019
New 2yo.

EPIC tantrums. Over very, very, minor things. Eg. someone is standing too close to him, I scoot his chair over an inch, his mom takes off his coat, I put his coat on to go outside, I take his coat off to come inside, he isn't served first at lunch, someone is talking next to him, we sing a song he doesn't like, someone is playing with a toy (he doesn't even want...).

It goes on. I honestly feel that there may be an underlying developmental issue, but he's so young, and there are no 'aha' moments, but many small 'hmmmmm' ones.

Tantrums- he runs at me full force, head down and plows into me like a dang BULL. He has bounced off and landed flat on his back on the floor, gotten up, and done it again. Any picking him up is flailing, kicking, scratching, attempts to bite, etc.

Redirection=more of this.

He will notttttt calm/self regulate at all. Any assistance with helping him do so is met with more screaming/attempts at violence. Of course, it's a huge safety issue as one of us has to remove him and either let him destroy the lunch room, or remove the rest of the children and let him destroy the classroom.

Today, at the 14th tantrum, I put a gate up, cleared the mud room of everything, and plopped him in there. He was asleep on the floor in under 2 minutes.

Mom swears he doesn't take a morning nap, but we WILL be putting him down for one tomorrow, just to see if it improves.

Big sister (4) says he gets put in his crib a lot. I'm thinking that's what they do at home? cry=crib? Mom denies this, of course. He doesn't HAVE tantrums at home.

The tantrums last anywhere from 1-20 minutes. There are never tears, it's rage. They stop as fast as they start. No identifying solution/consistent 'fix'.

Yes the star is on the calendar.

Ideas? Advice? My other kids do soooo well with our calm down space and even children younger than this guy are able to be calmed without 'giving in'.