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Leigh 10:20 AM 10-31-2019
Originally Posted by flying_babyb:
how much should a 6 month old eat and drink in a day?
We have a child who is here from 7 am to 4pm. Mom brings us two 4 ounce breast milk bottles. Mom wants her to eat 1/2 a jar of stage one (and only stage one) peas, green beans or apples. She hasnt tried meat. No cereal, oatmeal or rice, she thinks shes allergic to wheat. This poor baby cries pretty much all the time if shes not sleeping or being held. How much should she be getting?
She should be eating as much as SHE wants to. I'd require much more breast milk (I have had breastfed kids taking 8 oz bottles 3-4 times a day at 6 months of age sometimes), along with more solids. At this age, I would be OFFERING a full jar of baby food mixed with around 4 tablespoons of cereal at each feeding and letting the child eat what they wanted to. Sometimes I feed jarred food, sometimes I feed whatever the other kids have (pureed, if necessary), but always offer at least 6oz of food each sitting and I don't limit milk at all. I have NEVER had a child overeat who was under 4 years old. They eat what they need.