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TomCopeland 02:14 PM 02-03-2021
Originally Posted by Reimel61:
Thank you. I'm still having issues. I'm applying through my local bank and they are allowing me to use my checking account I already have setup for DC that is not "officially" a business checking account. I have waited on hold for over an hour. Now they are trying to tell me I need to apply as a sole proprietor instead of self-employed. When I do that the online application won't let me Save and Continue to the next page. Long story short I was told I need to call back tomorrow when the Business Banking Sales department is open. I was on the phone from 4:15 to 6:20 with no progress. I didn't think it was suppose to be this hard.
It's not supposed to be that hard. I'd recommend going online and apply for the PPP through Paypal or another online lender.