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Originally Posted by Oneluckymom View Post
I am trying to decide on a prepackaged curriculum for the upcoming school year. I have looked at the popular ones: funshine, MGT, and am also looking at starbrite.

I looked through some of the old threads on curriculum, but have still not been able to make a decision. I was hoping some of you that have used a prepackaged curriculum can help me decide. It seems to me that you get a lot of material from MGT based on what their website showed. I cant really tell how much you get with the others.

My kids are 2.5 right now. Hopefully, I may be enrolling 2 more either the same age or a little older soon.

Any advice?
I say you order a set from both MGT and funshine over the summer to see if you like it. I feel that they are both way too much money and that I stress over having to get the supplies in time, and everything setup on time and follow a book all day.

there is so so so much free stuff out there on the net it's not even crazy. I love to do centers. Ever hear of a book called everyday preschool by the mailbox? I love this book and live with it in my front pocket...ok not really its too big, but you know what I mean.
The kids stay entertained for hours with the centers and I don't need to stress trying to teach them cookie cutter projects. I buy a lot of online books from scholastic from the $1.00 deal days and from the mailbox. I use the materials how I want to or I follow the directions.
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