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My local school district is having a mix. Younger kids go to school Monday-Thursday and grade 6 & up 2 days a week. All other week days are remote learning.

My own teens should be able to manage their remote learning with minimal supervision from me as Iíll still have daycare kids to care for.

Remote learning for the other school age on Fridays should be interesting. If they canít put their headphones on and follow instructions without me standing over them, itís not going to work. I canít teach kindergarten to 5th grade, make meals, change diapers, fill out the tons of extra mandatory covid paperwork and sanitize everything all at the same time.

How providers are going to accommodate this new routine seems to have escaped the people making the plan. Parents are not happy about having to pay for the extra childcare either. Hopefully the politicians will stop arguing and come up with a plan to assist the working parents that now have to pay for the extra childcare. I certainly sympathize and do as much as I can to make it more affordable but my family has to eat too.

I saw on the news the state today of Vermont extended the number of hours providers can work. WooHoo. What a favor. Thatís what providers need. Longer work days with no extra pay and more expenses. Pardon my sarcasm.
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