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Default Rebranding After a Move

My family and I are moving up north in the spring so this past November, I shut down my current in home so that we could start prepping our home to sell. During this down time, I have had enough time to start to think about how I would rebrand when we do move and I am able to open again. A lot of epiphanies have happened in the last month you could say. I was over worked and under paid. I was unprepared and I want to make this work more then ever. I have been super happy that I was able to take this time and think about what I wanted and I want to be back with the kids AND be a better wife and mother.

This is kind of an 18 part question (LOL).. if you could just start over again, what would you change and how would you go about doing so?

I wouldn't fill a space to fill a space. I would take my time to interview people and reflect. I also would have a higher standard. You can't help everyone and those that you want to help so bad are the ones that usually make you miserable and burnt out super fast. I also would require a tuition rate that I and MY FAMILYwould be happy with and not have to worry so much about how we were going to pay the bills.

If you are already doing this, what are some of the programs that you are using to make things more sufficient?

I'm going to try to do away with every thing paper with everything that I can (all paperwork, lesson plans, accounting (including receipts), ect). I'm tired of spending my weekends doing everything. I also need to have my plans and everything ready before I open again. I don't want to spend every waking moment revolved around daycare. I literally, I was always doing something daycare related and missed out on a bunch of life. I went into this wanting to do childcare AND run my own business.

If you could do me a super solid, would you be willing to share your policy books with me?

I would be forever grateful. In the last three years, I have done 15 rewrites of my policies because I neglect to put things in that I never would have even thought of needing.

And finally, if you are a teacher provider, does that work well for you?

I think this would be the way that I would like to go, with limited summer availability. However, this whole covid thing has got me jittered.

Thank you,
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