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Default 5yo Going Back to Pottying in Pull-up

Hi guys!! Itís been about a year! Hope everyone is well.

Iíve got a little guy who will be 5 on Monday. Heís been with me about 6 weeks. He has some sort of issue with pooping and poops himself multiple times a day some days. Heís awaiting a doctor appointment and on Miralax. The Miralax makes his have wet stools which has been soaking through his clothing.

Because of this, I told his parents he needs be in Pull-ups until we get his issue straightened out. They were very agreeable and sent in 2 packs the next day. But immediately, dcb has started going to the bathroom exclusively in them for both pee and poo. Itís literally been 2 days. We talked to him, remind him to go at intervals...but he just goes in the pull-up.

Do I try to undo this or not worry about it until they figure whatís the issue? Iím just worried about the fact of having to retrain him.
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