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I printed off the actual list of things my inspector was required to see and set up the binder in that exact order to make it as efficient and fast as possible.


1. Current License
2. Children’s Records/Immunization Certificates
3. Criminal Records Checks
4. Assistant Orientation Form.
5. 2 Years Training Certificates, 10 hours/year minimum.
6. CPR/First Aid Certifications
7. First Aid Kit Supply List and Expiration Dates.
8. 2 years Fire Drills.
9. Pet Vaccination Records.
10. Written Emergency Plans.
11. Emergency Numbers.
12. Communicable Disease Chart.
13. Water Approval.
14. Septic Approval.
15. Fire Extinguisher Checks and Expiration.
16. 2 Years Prior Visits.
17. Rules and Regulations.
18. Indicator Manual.
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