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Originally Posted by lovemykidstoo View Post
My full timer, comes in every morning and dad puts her coat on my little table by the door. I always have some sort of decoration on there. Right now it's my snowman and a little sign. I mean does anyone think this is rude? As soon as he does it, I take it off and put it on one of the 2 doorknobs that i have right there. To the right is a closet and to the left is the basement, so there are doorknobs there. There may be another coat on them, but you can always double it up. I would never dream of putting a coat on someone's decorations. Do I just need a vacation or is this rude?
He's definitely being rude - although I'm sure you could use a vacation. Can't we all? ;-)

My dd makes various crafts and often will go to craft fairs to sell them. She puts time, effort and money into making her crafts. Last weekend, I went with her to help out. She had set up a display of hair bows made out of ribbons. An older woman came by and bought some of the earrings she had made. In order to get to her wallet, though, the woman laid her purse down right on top of the bows, squashing them all. I was proud of my dd for remaining polite and professional but she was so angry - and rightfully so! Some people are just so oblivious!

I like your idea of the hanging coat rack that can be put away when you're not doing day care. Hopefully, it will solve the problem for you.
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