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Originally Posted by hwichlaz View Post
Is there a daycare insurance company that doesn't make you fill out a new application every year at renewal. Because I'm pretty sure that I screw it up every year. I just want it to roll over and choose "yes" for renew like I do for my care insurance and renter's insurance every year. The renewal application is in a different format with slightly different verbage than my certificate of insurance, which alway makes me feel like I'm probably translating it over to the new app wrong. This is rediculous. I shouldn't have to fill everything out all over again if I don't want anything to change. And they can "walk me through it" over the phone, but only during daycare hours....with a heavily accented rep that I can't understand with all of the background noise I have going on here.
When DCI stopped servicing my state a few years ago, I went with Assure and the one thing I liked was their customer service....talked with them multiple times before enrolling. Have been with them several years now and they just send me a link to renew closer to renewal time....Maybe my form is different than yours but I don't have any issues...just the coverage amounts, etc. Make a note which parts you are confused about so maybe you could avoid going through the entire form which would make things quicker. Up to this point, Assure customer service has been awesome when I have called them. Good luck
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