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Originally Posted by Annalee View Post
When DCI stopped servicing my state a few years ago, I went with Assure and the one thing I liked was their customer service....talked with them multiple times before enrolling. Have been with them several years now and they just send me a link to renew closer to renewal time....Maybe my form is different than yours but I don't have any issues...just the coverage amounts, etc. Make a note which parts you are confused about so maybe you could avoid going through the entire form which would make things quicker. Up to this point, Assure customer service has been awesome when I have called them. Good luck
It is the online renewal form. But it asks questions that arenít answered by my current insurance paperwork. And I can never remember how I answered last time. They also confuse easily. They nearly didnít renew me last year because Iím licensed for 8, but have 12 enrolled. The rep contacted me and couldnít seem to wrap her brain around the fact that I have 12 enrolled, but only 6or7 attending at a time most days, never more than 8. I had to draw a graph, scan it, and email it to her.
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