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Originally Posted by SilverSabre25 View Post
This might not be "right" or popular, but if that's what they're doing, then they aren't really ready for free art in the first place. Sounds like the 15 mos could use some sensory experiences and the 3 yo needs more practice. You can have supplies visible, but in a box so they have to ask for it--just until they get used to the rules. You can still offer it yourself (like to the youngest ones) when you're there to help them along, but it sounds like they need a couple months to mature. I had one girl eating crayons until over 2!

You can also do stuff like fingerpainting with whipped cream or colored pudding (put food coloring in it)--that way the toddlers can eat it. You can give the toddlers a stack of paper specifically for tearing and cruching and crumpling, because that's what they're wanting to do right now--they want to learn about paper.
All right, so that leads me to another question: If you let them use pudding as paint, where does it stop? I am not being snarky, just asking. My toddlers like to spill the milk out of their sippy cups and "finger paint" on the table with it. I don't really allow that. So, when is it art, when is it time for some table manners?
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